b"Ireland Fund Grants2011Grants have been distributed to groups in cities such as, London,Birmingham, Coventry and Liverpool. Grants were given to projectsthat support elderly and vulnerable Irish living in the UK, Survivorsof institutional abuse and youth projects.Here is a selection ofprojects supported in 2011.BIRCHFIELD RESIDENTS ACTION GROUPThis grantwill be used for the new allotment sanctuary project.An allotmenthas been secured for isolated Irish men, it will become a meetingplace where many of them can use their skills and perhaps develop new ones.IRISH SUPPORT AND ADVICE SERVICE (ISAS)ThisgrantwillprovideaPensionsWorker,andensurethatIrish pensioners receive all benefits and advice that they are entitled to,such as Disability Living Allowance & carers allowance.ST JOHN BOSCO YOUTH CLUBThis youth club operatesin a deprived area of London. The club runs two afterschool clubsand takes care of around 100 children.IRISH ELDERLY ADVICE NETWORK This grant will beused to reach out to elderly and vulnerable Irish in East Londonwhere there is currently a lack of Irish services.This will be donethrough newsletters and home visits and liaison with GPs.IRISH WOMEN'S SURVIVORS SUPPORT NETWORKThis group was created to help female survivors of institutionalabuse, who now live in the UK. It empowers these women throughinformationandthesupportofotherwomenwhohavehad similar experiences. ST MICHAELS IRISH CENTREThis grant will be used toextend the information and advice service in Liverpool by offeringa drop in centre, where pensioners can drop in for a cup of teaand get advice on housing and pensions, etc. at the same time.connect 2012 | 95"