b'Ok, the last thing is breadcrumbs. How much does your recipe say to add?The Ireland Funds have assistedKids in the Kitchen through theGrantRoundenabledbythePromisingIreland Campaign.Thanks to this funding, over 100additional children will be able toparticipateintheKidsintheKitchen program. Victoria spokeof how one of her goals to bringthe program to new areas, willnow be realized, Ive wanted toaddresscertaindisadvantagedneighborhoodsthathavebeenidentified by the Department ofEducationClondalkin,Tallaght,PalmerstownandTheIrelandFund has enabled me to start upnew programs for eight schools inthese areas.Hey look, I can cook!DylanIt is estimated that more than300,000 children in Irelandare overweight or obeseconnect 2012 | 50'