b'Over a decade ago, The Ireland Funds visited Barretstown and took this photo of children at Barretstown. Who wouldhave thought that in 2012,Declan Molloy, one of the boys in the photo, would reach out to The Ireland Funds withDeclan words of thanks for our donorssupport.Today, Declan Molloy is a 20 year old student in Trinity College. Here he tellsMolloy of how Barretstown has influenced him so many years later: I went to camp back in 2001 -2003 as a camper. I had battled Acute Myeloid Leukaemia for the year prior to camp and to say the least, was left drained from the roller coasterjourney that finally brought me into remission. I was left a very self-conscious young boy always worrying about myappearance. Post-treatment I was always nervous and even embarrassed by the fact that I was bald and pale all thetime. Barretstown replaced something in me that had been missing since I met Leukaemia and its only now as anadult I realise that as corny as it sounds, Barretstown gave me back my childhood.Barretstown instilled a level of confidence in me that had vanished for a while since Leukaemia made an appearance.I realised as a camper that I could do anything I wanted while at camp and no disease or amount of drugs I was on couldstop me. I climbed 40 foot poles at the high ropes course; hit bulls eyes at the archery range, caught fish at the lakeand so much more.At camp, I realised that Leukaemia shouldnt affect my daily life and so I changed for the betterand took this way of life into the real world. My mother to this day stillsays she collected a different child after my attending Barretstown!Today, I am a confident young man and I am sure that if I hadnt experienced the magic of Barretstown as a child, I wouldnt be half theman I am today. I feel having conquered the mountain that is childhoodcancer,nothingcanstandinmyway.Iregularlyvolunteerat Barretstowns weekend camps and fundraise whenever I can to try andshow my gratitude for this inspirational place.I hope my story can help inspire the donors of The Ireland Funds to realise by donating toBarretstown how much of an impact they arehavingonthelivesofnotonlythechildrenD E C L A N brought to camp but also the families affectedby childhood cancer.On behalf of all the campers I sincerely thank you from the bottom ofmy heart for your continued and much needed support. Words cannotdescribe how truly grateful we are.connect 2012 | 22'