b'THANKS TO YOU, THE IRELAND FUNDSHAVE NOW RAISED OVER $80 MILLIONTOWARDS OUR $100 MILLION GOALThe Worldwide Ireland Funds have launched thePromising Ireland Campaign to raise $100 million bythe end of 2013 on behalf of Irish charities. Charitiesacross the island of Ireland are experiencing an increased demand for their services at a time of amajor reduction in resources. The Campaigns titlePromisingIrelandreflectsTheIrelandFundspledgetothesegroupsaswellasabeliefin Irelandsfuture.Weareonourwaytomeeting thisambitiousgoalthankstoyourgenerosity. Here is just a sample of the over 200 outstandingorganizations that have already received supportfrom the Promising Ireland Campaign.THANK YOU!connect 2012 | 6'