b'AROUND THE WORLD | THE AMERICAN IRELAND FUND | BOSTON1 2 3Nantucket Celebration JULY,2011 OVER150PEOPLEGATHEREDATTHENANTUCKETHOMEOF1 Bob & Paula Butler,Laura & Bob ReynoldsBOB AND PAULA BUTLERfor The American Ireland Fund Nantucket Celebration. Among the 2 Tom Bresette, Dede Snowden, guests attending were Bob and Laura Reynolds; Maureen Orth of Vanity Fair; Jack and Suzy Welch; Leslie Bresette3 Chris Ward, Jack Manning and Lyle Howland; Bart Grenier and Lesley King Grenier. This years NantucketJack & Suzy Welch, Celebration was chaired by Bob and Paula Butler, Chris and Ann Quick and Bob and Laura Reynolds. Ben Barnes, Steve GreeleyThe honorees were Tom and Leslie Bresette of the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation. 1 2 3Boston Young Leaders Fall Social 1 Ryan Chamberlain,OCTOBER, 2011 A SPIRITED BOSTON YOUNG LEADERS GROUP ENJOYED AJohn Cronin, Bret Kelly, Conor Chamberlain GREAT NIGHT OF GUINNESS, HORS DOEUVRES AND SOCIALIZINGat the Boston2 Brian Heavey,Young Leaders Fall Social held at The North Star. Thank you to host Bret Kelly, Boston Young LeaderVictoria Gass, David Walsh,and owner of The North Star. Executive Director Steve Greeley spoke briefly about two projects thatAbby Reynolds3 Allen Potts, Chris Hagan,benefited from the 2011 Boston Young Leaders St. Patricks Celebration: Our Ladys Boys Club in Colin Whitney, Tommy Greeley,Galway and the Dorchester Boys & Girls Club in Boston. Looking ahead, many new Young LeadersCorey Griffin have joined the St. Patricks Celebration Committee and the Boston Young Leaders are looking forwardto another great St. Patricks Celebration in March of 2012.connect 2012 | 74'