b'AROUND THE WORLD |DUBLIN1 23 4 5The Ireland Funds Grants and Fundraising Workshop FEBRUARY,2011 OVER80ORGANISATIONSGATHEREDFORTHEIRELAND 1 Niamh Callaghan, John Crimmins, Hugo MacNeillFUNDS GRANTS & FUNDRAISING WORKSHOP,which was hosted by Partner Sponsors 2 John Crimmins3 Neal NewmanMason Hayes & Curran in Dublin. The workshop offered tips to Irish nonprofits for strengthening their4 Jordan Campbell,Programme Manager of messageandnavigatingthecomplexitiesoffundraising.MasonHayes&CurranPartnerNiamh The Ireland FundsCallaghans presentation on Transparency and Governance for charities in Ireland included invaluable 5 Over 80 staff of non-profit organisations attended advice for charities on complying with best practice. Neal Newman, Executive Director of Philanthropiathe workshopInternational, provided an entertaining and highly informative overview of Developing a Fundraising Strategy. Following these two sessions, Jordan Campbell of The Ireland Funds gave an update on the2011 Grant Round and advice for developing strong proposals when applying for funding. The workshopconcluded with a panel discussion that involved the presentation of funding programmes managed by TheCommunity Foundation for Ireland (Helen Beatty), FundIt (Andrew Hetherington) and Fiona Murphy(Genio). The Ireland Funds extend thanks to the Young Leaders Chairman John Crimmins for chairing theworkshop and to Hugo MacNeill, Chairman of The Ireland Funds, for his excellent opening address. The generous support of Mason Hayes & Curran allowed The Ireland Funds to offer the workshop free of charge.connect 2012 | 84'