b'The people, the culture, and the heritage are what make Irelandspecial. We have 6,000 years of history and in the Burren you canjust walk out into it and immerse yourself in it. The Ireland Fundsgive us a sense of belief in what we do. The support shows us thatwhat were doing is valued by people beyond the Burren. Withthese resources, we are determined to work hard to realize the potential of this place.Brigid spoke about the importance of the program, Our volunteers are made up of all different types of people: from university students, to local community members who know theyare living somewhere important and want to contribute. The assistance from The Ireland Funds enabled us to put together theBurrenbeo Conservation Volunteers. We help elderly farmersmaintain their land; because there are thousands of miles of stonewallsthatneedconstantrebuildingandmaintenance.The Ireland Funds have also made it possible for us to develop coursesfor volunteers, building their skills as they assistarcheologists,geologistsandbotanistsinthecollectionofimportantdata that will be used to sustain the long term future of the Burren. This isnt just a living landscape; we also see it as a learning landscape. TheIrelandFundshelpcreatesawarenessandallows Burrenbeo to confidently build a structure of care for this, a veryspecial and uniquely Irish landscape. BURRENBEO TRUST CO-FOUNDER BRENDAN DUNFORD EDUCATES CHILDREN ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BURRENThe Ireland Fundssupport will continueto create awarenessand build a structureof care for this most-Irish of landscapesso that the treasurecan be enjoyed bygenerations to come.connect 2012 29connect 2011 29'