b"AROUND THE WORLD |THE IRELAND FUND OF FRANCENo more kisses for Oscar Wilde's GraveThe famous and controversial writer who is buried in the equally famous Paris Cemetery Pre Lachaise continued to agitate visitorsfor years after his death in 1900, in spite of a bronze plaque placedat the bottom of the tombstone which said: Respect the memory ofOscar Wilde and do not deface this tomb. It is protected by law asa historic monument and was restored in 1992. It has been a cult pastimeofParisvisitorsforyearstoplacealipstickkisson the monument up to the point that cleaning the tomb stone became almostimpossible.MerlinHolland,OscarWildesgrandson, the Irish Govern-ment,theIrishCulturalCentreThe ceremony on November 30, 2011 at Pre Lachaise Cemetery of Paris, and TheIreland Fund of France decided to protect this historical Monument, which is classifiedas such by the French Ministry for Cultural Affairs. After months of tedious work, therenovated and newly protected tomb was unveiled in Pre Lachaise Cemetary on 30November, the 111th anniversary of Wildes death, in the presence of the Irish Ministerof State at the Dept. of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Mr. Dinny McGinley TD, theIrish Ambassador and high-ranking French officials. Merlin Holland spoke eloquentlyof the history behind the tomb, and the actor Rupert Everett read from the works ofOscar Wilde. Merlin Holland thanked The Ireland Fund of France for supporting thisproject from the outset. The fact that The Ireland Fund of France believed in the importance of the project galvanised the French into action and with a measure ofIrish magic all round, all the bits fell into place just when they needed to.The newly restored grave of Oscar WildeThe Ireland Fund of FranceResearch ScholarshipNowinitssecondyear,TheIrelandFundofFranceResearch Scholarship is a combined initiative of University College DublinsMaster of Engineering Programme, The Ireland Fund of France, and environmental services group Veolia Environment. Continued.Aine Ades, President of The Ireland Fund of France; Mark Coyne EnergyDirector and sponsor of the project from Dalkia; Liam Connellan, ChairmanVolia Ireland; Donal Costello, student;Brian Brennan, Managing DirectorVolia Transport; HE Emmanuelle dAchon, French Ambassador to Irelandconnect 2012 | 90"