b'The Ireland FundsYoung Leaders SocietyThe Ireland Funds Young Leaders Society enablesyoungprofessionalsages25-40tonetworkand support the philanthropic work of The Ireland Funds,while connecting to their heritage and Ireland in ameaningful way. The Young Leaders Society providesaforumforemergingphilanthropiststobecomePat Tully has been appointed National Director ofclosely involved with the work of The Ireland Funds TheAmericanIrelandFundsYoungLeaders Society, as well as the New York Regional Director.andwithprominentbusinessandcivicleadersPat has been a dedicated member of the New YorkYoung Leaders since its relaunch in 2003. Pats background is in public relations andinvolved in the organization. marketing and he recently ran his own firm, PatTullyInc.Heisnowapplyingthoseskillsto connecting and building the brand of the YoungThe Young Leaders have created signature fundraising events around the world Leaders Society across the country and around thebenefitting the work of The Ireland Funds support across Ireland. The Young globe.Leaders have recognized some of the most famous and influential Irish and Pat is also an active board member of JeremysIrish American personalities who have made significant contributions to their Heroes,andtheKateSheaFoundation.Heis fields. Denis Leary, Conan OBrien, Jimmy Fallon, Holt McCallany, Columinvolved in many other foundations, acting in McCann, Margaret Brennan, Shaun OHara, John Duddy, and US Ambassador theroleofauctioneerforeventsincluding: Dan Rooney are among those who have have addressed or been honored by the Russell Simmons Art For Life and the DiamondYoung Leaders Society. EmpowermentFund,PetraNemcovasHappyHearts Fund, and The Jorge Posada Foundation,among others. Mr. Tully holds a B.A. in Commu-For more information on how to become a member: nications/Public Relations from Marist College. US contact: Patrick Tully, ptully@irlfunds.orgAustralia contact: Teresa Keating, tkeating@irlfunds.orgCanada contact: Jane Noonan, jnoonan@irlfunds.orgIreland contact: Caitlin Duffy, cduffy@irlfunds.orgconnect 2012 | 60'