b'How have The Ireland Funds Helped?People come to us and say they want to implement themodel in their local area and the demand far outweighswhat weve been able to do, said John. FundingfromTheIrelandFundsPromising Ireland Campaign is goingtostartupshedsinsmallertownsacrossIreland.AtleastfiveMensSheds will be established thanks to thehelp from The Ireland Funds.Mens Sheds in Ireland are now established in 19 countiesacross Ireland and Northern Ireland. The positive effectsonmenandcommunitieshavebeendocumentedin Irish Governments Mens Health Policy of 2009 and thedemand for more sheds is high. The Ireland Funds believethatpositivethingswillcontinuetocomefromthis innovative and simple program as men stand shoulder toshoulder across Ireland. Almost 300,000 men are out of work in Ireland today Half of the jobs for men age 18-25 in Ireland are gone 76% of the men in the Gorey Mens Shed have gone back to advance their education For some men in the Gorey mens shed, the n\x05d for medication has b\x05n reduced or eliminated altogetherconnect 2012 | 39'