b"We were delighted to receive support from The Ireland Funds. The grant means that we canrun our Stand Up! Don't Stand for Homophobic Bullying Campaign into every school in Irelandfor another year. It makes all the difference.Michael Nanci Barron, BeLonG To Youth ServicesThis significant donation will greatly assist the work atthe centre in what are clearly very challenging times forthe Irish health service. I would like to thank The IrelandFunds for their support. Michael Greene, CRYThe Ireland Funds helped us establish our dedicated service for children andadolescents across the country. We have made a real difference and the fundingwe have received from The Ireland Funds has saved lives.Paul Kelly, ConsoleA project like this is unlike anything the club has undertaken in the past andthe grant from The Ireland Funds has helped immensely. Funding from TheIreland Funds gives us a level of respect and status because of their rigid review process before giving money. Tom Kenny, Our Lady's Boys' ClubWhen Lagan College opened 30 years ago, 28 children were able to attend the first planned integrated schoolin Northern Ireland. Since then, The Ireland Funds have supported the integrated education movement by improving facilities in existing schools, supporting the opening of new schools and expanding access to integrated education to early childhood education. Thanks to the supporters like The Ireland Funds, 21,000 children and young people across Northern Ireland are enrolled in one of 61 integrated schools and the movementcontinues to gain momentum. Paul Caskey, Integrated Education FundThanks to the ongoing support from The Ireland Funds, the Pushkin Trust has been enabled to maintainboth its Schools Programme and its Partners in Education Programme in both parts of Ireland. Even in thisyear of financial uncertainty for many, The Ireland Funds commitment to our essential work with childrenand educators has provided us with a singular endorsement that we value deeply. Alan Boyd, The Pushkin Trustconnect 2012 | 9"