b'1 2 34 5 6Young Leaders Christmas Reception 1 John Crimmins, ProspectusDECEMBER,2011THEIRELANDFUNDYOUNGLEADERSANDFRIENDS Consulting, Chair of the Ireland Fund YoungGATHERED TO KICK OFF THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. US Ambassador Daniel M. RooneyLeaders; Kieran McLoughlin; Caitlin Duffy; Ambassadorand his wife Patricia graciously hosted the Young Leader Christmas Reception at their home in PhoenixRooney; Hugo MacNeill; Mrs Patricia Rooney;Park. Over 100 guests were greeted by Christmas carols performed by the Carabells, a Mayo-based bellFergus Finlay, CEO Barnardos ringing choir supported through Music Generation. Ambassador Rooney reflected that the crowd gathered2 Dessie Farrell, Gaelicwas similar in age to what he and Sir Anthony OReilly had been when they began The Ireland Funds Players Association GPA;Dara McGarty, GPA;several decades ago. Kieran McLoughlin, the CEO of The Worldwide Ireland Funds, spoke of the Donal Og Cusack, GPA3 Paul Kennedy, Dillonimportance of The Ireland Funds Promising Ireland Campaign. He acknowledged the contribution of theEustace; Shane Geraghty, Dillon Eustace; Tom Lynch,Young Leaders and their peers around the world as it not only represented the future of the Funds, butEl Comandante Wines4 Guests at Young Leaderwas motivating established donors who had noted the Young Leadersenergy and generosity. He thenEvents5 Patricia Rooney and Peterintroduced the guest speaker of the evening, Fergus Finlay, the CEO of Barnardos. As a recipient of a grantRooney6 The Honorable Daniel M.in The Ireland Funds 2011 Grant Round, Fergus spoke of the impact that The Ireland Funds have on Rooney, United States Ambassador to Irelandorganizations such as his and the need that still exists throughout Ireland. The Ireland Funds Young Leaderaddresses the crowd Chairman, John Crimmins, spoke about the potential for all to become involved with the Young Leadersat a membership level; playing a role in shaping the group during a very exciting growth phase.connect 2012 | 85'