b'2 gala launch of newly discovered irish texas winery11 2 35 6DECEMBER, 2011 Comanche Texas, location of Brennan vineyards, certainly does not initially bring to mind vineyards and good wine but neither did Napa California in theseventies. Many know what happened to Chateau Montelena in 1976 at the blind tasting inParis and we expect a parallel success from this young Texas vineyard.The Texas WineGeese gathered at the home of WineGeese patrons Archie and June Bennett for their introduction to the Brennan wines. The tasting took place in the Bennett cellar. Sean Brennan, son of vineyard owner Dr. Pat Brennan, conducted the tasting and held4 the attention of all as he told us the Brennan story and described the wines. The wines received many favorable mentionsUpstairs, several WineGeese wines were on display and available for tasting and 1 Sean Brennan, Thecomparison. Wines such as Chateau Montelena, Concannon and Murphy-Goode were Bennett Family: Alayna, Archie, June and Jory enjoyed.Archie and June were the consummate hosts and two of their children, Alayna and2 Sean Brennan, Cliff Miercort Jory, pitched in to make this a stellar evening. WineGeese founder John Tillotson commented3 Mike Corboy, Cliffthat he had carried two bottles of Brennan wines to Glenstal Abbey in Limerick last summerMiercort, Rick Bush4 Host Archie Bennettto be tasted at his grandsons baptism. Next spring a Texas WineGeese trip to the Brennan getting ready for the tasting Vineyards is planned.Netta BlanchardTexas Regional Director5 Sean Brennan, Waymon Levell, John Tillotson6 Dallas Young Leaders: Page Tucker, Brian Geraghty, Caitriona Ryanconnect 2012 | 64'