b'SpeedpakWith help from The Ireland Funds, Speedpak is bringing valuable training and supportto unemployed people.Life can feel bleak for some people living with unemployment. I never finished school because I had ababy when I was 16, says Marlena. When I learned he was very sick at birth, I stayed home. By the time I came toSpeedpak, I hadnt worked for a very long time.Speedpak is a social enterprise in Coolock, Co. Dublin that has been recognized for their innovative approach to a community thathas struggled with unemployment and all of the social challenges associated with it. Speedpak has two commercial businesses. It offers contract packing services to industry and is Irelands leading manufacturer of rosettes, sashes, and badges for events ranging from sporting competitions to horse shows. However, many of their corporate clients dont even realize the truly transformative work that Speedpak is doing behind the scenes with their workforce.connect 2012 | 42'