b'We are enormously grateful to The Ireland Funds The Directions Project is a key Springboardprogramwhichtargetsyoungpeople,often for supporting this Imagine mural which links the struggling with issues such as substance abuse,familybreakdown,violence,self-harm,and FallsandShankillcommunitiesandaffirmsthedislocation from society, compounded by thelegacy of conflict. The Ireland Funds, provided ainterdependence of its people as they move towards grant to their Art in Diversity project. The specialinitiativebroughttogetherProtestantanda shared future. Springboard looks forward to con- Catholic youth from areas impacted heavily bysectarian conflict to create a platform for engage-tinuing its crucial role in peace-building in Ireland, ment and dialogue through art, sculpture andmusic.north and south Angila Chada, Executive Director of Springboard Workshops were held with over 100 youngpeoplewhocamefromthedisadvantaged areas, including the Unionist Shankill and theNationalist Falls communities that are often insectarian conflict with each other.The youngThePeaceDaymuralisasymbolofhowfarpeople discussed the upcoming United NationsInternationalDayofPeaceanddebatedwhatourtwocommunitieshavetravelled.Wesharepeace meant to them both visually and throughwords. This feedback was then brought into thethe same hopes as we continue our journey and design of the mural.In September of 2011, on the United Nationsworkingtogetherforabetterfutureforall.International Day of Peace, thousands of peoplearound the world paused to observe a day ofStuart KennedyManager, Upper Springfield Development Trust Youth Team nonviolence. It was on this day that the result ofThe Ireland Funds support was unveiled. ThePeace Day Mural that is now located between theJackie Redpath welcomes audience to unveiling of the Peace Day mural peace-line gates in Northumberland Street wasdesigned by Springboard. The mural containspast and present images of the Shankill and Falls,as well as general images on peace and conflict.The centerpiece, which is a mosaic of smaller images,makesupthewordIMAGINE.The central message of the mural affirms the interde-pendence of the Shankill and Falls communitiesas they move forward into the future.The Ireland Funds salute the work of Spring-board as they continue to bring opportunities tothe young people of Northern Ireland and worktowards strengthening the mutual understandingthat will be the core of Northern Irelands future.connect 2012 | 41'