b'Since 1996, the cost of The Ireland Funds operation in Ireland hasbeen met by some of the countrys leading blue chip companies. The companies andindviduals that are so generously backing The Ireland Funds include:PARTNER SPONSORammado Bord Gis Energywww.ammado.com www.bordgaisenergy.ieMason Hayes & Curran Cpl Resources plcwww.mhc.ie www.cpl.iePwCwww.pwc.comPATRONSGoldman Sachs Jobs.iewww.goldmansachs.com www.jobs.ieEcclesiastical Teneo Holdingswww.ecclesiastical.ie www.teneoholdings.comThe Merrion Hotelwww.merrionhotel.comconnect 2012 | 86'