b'So what does the water do when itsboiling? Does anyone know at whattemperature water boils?Kids in the Kitchen works with healthy ingredients that canbe easily accessed at markets so that the children canreplicate the recipes later at home with their families. Thisbecomesparticularlyimportantindisadvantagedneighborhoods where often children have not been ex-posed to lessons about nutrition. The majority of childrenI work with would not be very familiar with fresh ingredi-ents. I am often surprised at how little they know aboutfresh food. Many have only been exposed to food thatcomes out of a freezer, a tin, or a fast-food shop. The enthusiasm that children bring is obvious fromwatching the cookery class in Clondalkin. The childrenbreak out into teams of three and take turns measuring,chopping,grating,andcorrectingeachotherontheir techniques.Ingredients are passed around, explained anddiscussed.Thisenthusiasmripplesbacktofamilies according to Victoria. The support weve had from parentshas been fantastic. Families have expressed to me feelingsofguiltthattheysometimesdonthavethetimeor resources to make healthy meals for their children. We hearthis from families all across the economic spectrum, notjust in disadvantaged areas. Yet after these courses, kidsare going home and showing their parents new ways tocook and easy, healthier choices.Leanne cut the carrots and I gotto peel the onions. I love peelingonions. I really do. LiamStudies indicate that the number ofchildren who are overweight or obesehas tripled in the last decadeconnect 2012 | 48'