b'The American Ireland Fund Board ofDirectors RetreatBelow, Left:The Board of Directors of The American Ireland Fund met for a special planning session in November, 2011. Board The American Ireland Fund Director Bob Reynolds of Putnam Investments graciously hosted the all-day meeting which covered major issues Board of Directors affecting The American Ireland Fund and the island of Ireland. Most importantly, the gathering began discussions aroundBelow, Right:the role of The American Ireland Fund in the post-Promising Ireland Campaign phase. Directors traveled from around Host Bob Reynolds ofthe country to join the Retreat bringing ideas and energy to the key conversations. Planning for a follow-up session is Putnam Investments underway.Tom KennedyTomKennedy,formerEastCoastDirectorofThe AmericanIrelandFund,diedpeacefullyathomeon October21,2011.TomheldhispositionwithThe American Ireland Fund from 1985-1999 and remained involved with the Fund until his passing. Known as a truegentleman, he was born in Co. Kerry and made New YorkCity his home in 1947. He came to The American IrelandFundafteralongcareerwithAerLingusinPRand Advertising. Tom and his wife Valerie remained friends ofthe Fund, attending both the New York Dinner Galas andTheWorldwideIrelandFundsJuneConferencesheld annually. Toms memory will be treasured by his manyfriends at The Ireland Funds. May he rest in peace.connect 2012 | 57'