b'Creating Opportunities forNorthern Irelands YouthThe U.S. Northern IrelandMentorship ProgramThe Ireland Funds Support and Congratulate the First Program GraduatesTheU.S.NorthernIrelandMentorshipProgramwasIn November 2011, the first group of young people fromestablished in June 2010 in Belfast by the former U.S.Northern Ireland graduated from their placements withEconomic Envoy to Northern Ireland Declan Kelly inU.S. companies. Their graduation ceremony in NYC waspartnership with the Northern Ireland Science Park and bittersweet as they gave testimony to the importance of theThe Ireland Funds. After resigning as Economic Envoy, experience in the U.S. and the valuable skills they wouldDeclan Kelly agreed to personally sponsor and support the bring back to Northern Ireland.program on an ongoing basis in partnership with The The success of the program has been confirmed by the AmericanIrelandFund.Theprogramisdesignedtonumberofcompanieswhohaveindicatedtheywill provideyoungpeoplefromNorthernIrelandtheparticipate in 2012. Follow up support by The IrelandopportunitytogainvaluablebusinessexperiencebyFunds and by Joanne Stuart in Belfast for the graduates willspending one year working for a U.S. corporation. include career advice, an opportunity to connect with TheThe program is a one-year work placement program Ireland Funds Young Leaders Society and, where possible,foryoungcitizensofNorthernIreland,toworkinainterviewsforplacementswithleadingcompaniesinmultinational corporation based in the United States. The Northern Ireland.objectivesoftheprogramaretodevelopthefuture business leaders and entrepreneurs of Northern Irelandby improving the essential business, management andleadership skills of the participants. connect 2011 1 5connect 2012 15'