b'ConnectSPRING/SUMMER2 0 1 2Dear Fellow Donors,This edition of Connect is coming to you at a crucial time with Ireland driving to restore her fortunes. Together,we have the privilege of being part of this great endeavor and supporting the people of Ireland as they rebuildtheir economy. In this edition, you will read about the difference and change you are enabling across Irelandand in Irish communities around the world. Your support is being channeled directly to those who are meeting needs in the most imaginative and effective way possible. They are doing valiant work as Ireland recovers its economic stability.Projects such as Pieta House, Irish Mens Sheds, and Barretstown are strengthening and sustaining Irishfamilies. Projects such as Speedpak, Music Generation, and Kids in the Kitchen are creating jobs and caring for the next generation. Projects such as the Burrenbeo Trust are conserving Irelands cultural and environmental treasures. You will see the impact of your support for these and other projects in this issue. Wehope that this brings to life the very real change your investment is bringing. Please plan to visit Ireland and see this great work for yourself. We at The Ireland Funds would be delighted to help you in making any plans to visit. Equally, you might join us for our annual Conference in Juneand join the community of donors in witnessing on the ground the difference you are making.I am privileged to work with you at this crucial time and thank you for all that you do.Kind regards,Loretta Brennan GlucksmanChairmanThe American Ireland Fundconnect 2012 | 3'