b'AROUND THE WORLD | THE AMERICAN IRELAND FUND | DALLAS1 2 3 4Texas at the Lyric Theatre1 George Moore,MAY, 2011 SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 1951, THE LYRIC HAS NURTURED THE TALENTSDolores McCall, Lady Maebeth Fentonof many of Northern Irelands finest artists, writers, and performers, including Seamus Heaney, Liam Martin, Elizabeth Connaughton, RosaleenNeeson, TP Flanagan, Gladys Maccabe, Denis Johnston, Ciarn Hinds, Stella McCusker, and Adrian Agnew, Angela Moore Dunbar. After several years of renovation, supported in part by The Ireland Funds, Texas Patron of the Lyric2 The children of Braniel Primary performing atTheatre Dolores McCall, attended the Theatres gala opening in Belfast. The celebration included the opening of the Lyric Theatre performances from actors Adrian Dunbar and Simon Callow, and concert pianist Barry Douglas. Braniel3 Susan Morrice, Richard Croxford Artistic DirectorPrimary School also performed an excerpt from one of the Creative Learning projects that the Lyric hasof the Lyric, and Jane Morrice delivered in partnership with local schools. Even in the darkest days, the Lyric kept alive the love the Irish 4 Lisa Burnett, Dolores McCall, and Melindahave for the spoken word. In this beautiful new building made possible by the donations of people like Gibbs of Midland TexasDolores McCall, Angela & George Moore, and Susan Morrice, this passion finally has a worthy home.1 2 3Dallas Young Leaders Inaugural Luncheon1 Standing: Kevin Curley Jr,OCTOBER, 2011 GATHERING AT THE PARK CITY CLUB , Dallas to participate in the launchKevin Hanrahan, Rachel Gaffney, Netta Blanchard,of the Dallas Young Leaders were Mike Corboy, Kevin Hanrahan, Netta Blanchard, Page Tucker, AmyCamilla Ballard, Culley Barragan, Eddie Geraghty Camp, Rachel Gaffney, Culley Barragan, Kevin Curley Jr, David Devlin, Geraldine Doran, Eddie Geraghty,Seated: Ryan Hanratty, Page Tucker, Mike Corboy,and Ryan Hanratty. The guest speaker was Camilla Ballard, Youth Director of the First Presbyterian ChurchDavid Devlin, Geraldine Doran of Dallas, whose young members are partnering with Integrated Education Northern Ireland (IEF) and in2 Mike Corboy, Page Tucker, David Devlin, Kevin Curley Jr particular, Blackwater College in Co. Down. The Dallas Young Leaders have pledged to help Camilla in3 Eddie Geraghty, Rachel Gaffney, Geraldine Doran,fundraising for IEF.Kevin Hanrahanconnect 2012 | 67'