b'TheIrelandFundsarebringinglessonsincooking to kids in Ireland. But so much moreis being learned along the way.Liam, youre doing a great job with that garlic. Chop it small and thenwell all move on to the meatballs.Victoria Mackechnie is in her chefs whites, enthusiasticallywaving a handful of carrots and raising her voice above thepots and pans. She is not in a Michelin-starred kitchen inDublin or at Ballymaloe, the famous cooking school whereshe was trained. She is in a classroom in Clondalkin, Co.Dublin surrounded by ten year olds who are exploringhealthy ways to prepare food, many for the first time.Kids in the Kitchen is all about teaching children thepractical skills they need to make healthy meals. Victoriaestablished the program for children ages 8-12 and the program has now been used in 25 Irish schools. She travels to locations throughout Ireland and conducts six,For some children, eight and ten-week courses that engage not only the this meal is their only children, but their families and teachers as well. Childrencomein,rolluptheirsleeves,andareinvolvedin full meal of the day. everythingfrompreparationtocookingtocleanup, explains Victoria. They get to enjoy their dish afterwards orbring it home. Children leave at the end of the course with their own recipe book of dishes they have cookedthemselves and the sense of pride is wonderful to see.connect 2012 | 47'