b"what we want to do is really simple. we just want to make sure that everyone,whatever their background, gets access to music tuition. thats the idea. BonoIn supporting Music Generations goal of achieving sustainability,Irelandshighereducationsectorhasidentifiedtheneedto nurturethecountrysfutureworkforceinrespondingtothe countrys changing landscape for music education. Many new thirdlevel courses are in development,including the initiation of aDiploma in Community & Group Teaching by the Royal Irish Academy of Musicdue to commence September 2012. Thanks to Rosaleen Molloy, Director of Music Generation, for her Photo by Aengus McMahoncontributions to this article.We look forward to bringing you more updates on the differencethis project will be making. If you would like to be a part of thisunique initiative to bring music to Ireland's children, please visitwww.theirelandfunds.org or www.musicgeneration.ieconnect 2012 | 12connect 2012 | 122012 | 12"