WINEGEESE SOCIETY INDUCTION CEREMONY, 15TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION The Ireland Funds’ WineGeese Society members and pro- spective WineGeese gathered at the Bennett Estate to induct Paul McSharry of Maze Winery in Napa Valley. Maze Wines were created through the fortuitous meeting of Paul, his father Gerry, and the accomplished winemaker Mark Herold, before the harvest of 2009. Through a shared belief that in sourc- ing only the finest fruit, from the very best vineyards in the Napa Valley, and using only 100% French Oak barrels, truly exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon wines could be crafted. Joining Paul was his fiancée Vechheke Hang. Among those gathered for the induction in the spectacu- lar cellar at the Bennett’s were: WineGeese Society Founders John Sharkey with his wife, Helen & Cliff Miercort; long-time WineGeese Society members June & Archie Bennett, Netta Blanchard, Mary & Rick Bush, Shelly & Tom Codd, Lou Ann & Mike Corboy, Kevin Curley, Ann & Waymon Levell, Dolores McCall, Ellen & Andy Welch and Kieran McLoughlin, World- wide President & CEO of The Ireland Funds; to name but a few. Special guests from Ireland in attendance included Stephen Douds, Vice President of the Lyric Theatre; Mae- Beth Fenton-Martin; John FitzGerald of University College Cork; Tommy Gallagher, Dr. Jean van-Sinderen Law of University College Cork, Maureen & David Newman; and Sir Bruce Robinson, President, Lyric Theatre. The Ireland Funds’ WineGeese Society is currently celebrating its 15th Anniversary and the evening held true to their motto… “from wine what wondrous friendship springs.” Members of The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society represent some of The Ireland Funds’ most generous donors. The Society celebrates wine, food and art of Irish provenance from around the world while raising support for the work of The Ireland Funds. The name “WineGeese” comes from the story of the Wild Geese—a term coined to describe a group of Irish families who fled Ireland in the 17th century and established successful wineries around the world. Today, members enjoy access to private trips, tours, and tastings at vineyards around the world. All activities are funded by WineGeese Society members. A B O U T T H E I R E L A N D F U N D S W I N E G E E S E S O C I E T Y 2 1 6 3 4 5 1 Andy & Ellen Welch, Shelly & Tom Codd, Vechheke Hang, Paul McSharry 2 Tommy Gallagher, John FitzGerald, Dr. Jean van Sinderen-Law, John Sharkey 3 John Sharkey, June Bennett, Kieran McLoughlin 4 Archie Bennett, Vechheke Hang, Paul McSharry, Andy Welch, Waymon Levell 5 Stacy Evans, Kevin Curley 6 John Sharkey, Paul McSharry SEPTEMBER, 2017 connect 2018 • 55