b' have supported us enormously on our journey from the kitchen table to one where we are planning to give every youngWe would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in The Ireland Funds both in Ireland and around the world who person with intellectual disability a chance to live a life like any other.AUVEEN BELL, FOUNDER OF BLOSSOM IRELANDTHE IRELAND FUNDS BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITIONBLOSSOM IRELAND THE ABBEY THEATREThe Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition taught us how to validate an idea and how to make sure we were building what customers wanted. We pivoted mid-way through the six-week program due to our customer discovery ndings and Safecility is what emerged. We wouldnt be here without the Business Plan Competition.SAFECILITY, A FINALIST IN THE IRELAND FUNDS BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITIONSupport from The Ireland Funds has played an enormous role in setting Sensational Kids up as a nationalorganization that can meet the needs of children with additional needs from all over Ireland. With continuedsupport from the Flagship Award, we are now on course to exceed our targets and change the lives of over 28,500 children KAREN LEIGH, FOUNDER OF SENSATIONAL KIDS connect 20207'