b'AUSTRALIA Snapshot of our ProjectsOur grant round in June 2020 totalled $248,323*LEARNING HUB LIMERICKWorking with parents, schools and the wider community, Learning Hub Limerick provides a safe, welcoming and inspiring learning environment where young people can explore education. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, LHL endeavoured toadapt their learning delivery and programmes toonlineresources and platforms. Funding from The Ireland Funds Australia enabled LHL to reach more children most in need of help, raisingeducational aspirationsandcreating positive experiencesin a happy, child-friendly environment.INNER CITY ENTERPRISEInner City Enterprise helps unemployed individuals, social enterprises and potential youth entrepreneurs establish their own businesses in the inner-city Dublin area. Currently,half of people aged under 24in Ireland are unemployedand the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this worse; ICE is committed to changing that statistic. With the help of The Ireland Funds Australia, ICE is running aYouth Enterprise Training Programme , a 4-week course to train young people aged 18-30 in hard and soft business skills and consider entrepreneurship as a future career.COMMUNITY ACTION NETWORKCommunity Action Network is a social justice organisation that works with local communities to tackle local low-socioeconomic issues with innovation. As a direct result of our funding, CAN will further their work in the inner-city communities of Dublin South Central to:RESPOND ENABLE SUPPORTto serious anti-socialeffective youthworkthe regeneration of behaviour in theirto draw young peopleinner-city communities neighbourhoods arisingengaging in anti-socialespecially at from the drug trade behaviour into morecomplexesproductive livesWWFAfter the devastating bushres this summer where more than12 million hectaresof forest and bushland wasburnt,at least1.25 billion animals perished, 34 liveswere lost and around 2,700 homes destroyed , The Ireland Funds Australia mobilised with our supporters, raising funds to respond to the devastation and be part of the rebuild and recovery effort by helping to regreen Australia and rescue and regenerate the wildlife population now and into the future. We have become a Conservation Partner of World Wildlife Fund Australia, aiding them in their bushre recovery effort to:RESPOND PROTECT FUTURE-PROOFwith emergency support to theby working together toAustralias native wildlife and front line of the res, rescuingsafeguard the wildlife andprecious natural resources and caring for injured and re- restore habitats after thefor people and nature for affected wildlife. res. many generations to come.*Some projects not shown include WomensTec, Extern, Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, Mens Sheds, Trinity Access Programmesconnect 202074'