b'ABOUT THE IRELAND FUNDS WINEGEESE SOCIETYMembersofTheIrelandFundsWineGeeseSocietyrepresentsome of The Ireland Funds most generous donors. The Society celebrates wine, food and art of Irish provenance from around the world whileraisingsupportfortheworkofTheIrelandFunds.ThenameWineGeese comes from the story of the Wild Geesea term coined to describe a group of Irish families who ed Ireland in the 17th century and established successfulwineries around the world. Today, members enjoy access to private trips, tours, and tastings at vineyards around the world. All activities are funded by WineGeese Society members.For more information on The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society, contact Jane McCarter ODowd, jodowd@irelandfunds.orgM E M B E R S O F T H E I R E L A N D F U N D S W I N E G E E S E S O C I E T Y G A T H E R I N D A L L A S T O U N C O R K N E W W I N E S F R O M T R I P L E N R A N C H W I N E R YN O V E M B E R ,\x16 \x15 \x16 \x15 TheeveningwasrepletewithvariouswinesfromtheTriple N Ranch Winery a recently established winery owned by Twenty guests enjoyed a beautiful evening under the Texas stars atMichelle and Richard, M.D., Anderson. Michael McClendon , the The Ireland Funds WineGeese Societys Outdoor Autumn Wine Pairingwinemaker and enologist, spoke about each wine and its pairings. hosted byKevin Curley,Chairman of The Ireland Funds WineGeeseTom Codd , National Board Director of The Ireland Funds America, Society and National Board Director of The Ireland Funds America. Theproposed a toast toMike Corboywho played the important twist of fundraiser was kicked o with a welcome from Texas Director,Darinafate role in the creation of The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society.Padian,who highlighted The Ireland Funds response to the needs inAdditionally,John Tillotson , past Chairman of the Society, toasted Ireland over the course of 2020. Kevin Curley also welcomed guestsformer Texas Director,Netta Blanchardwho also played a crucial role and raised a toast in memory of WineGeese Society co-founderJohnin the creation of the Society.Sharkeyfor all he did to advance the Society and in memory of Dr. 1Shelly & Tom Codd 4Kevin Curley, Darina Padian, Bernard Bradley for his generous past gift to The Ireland Funds. 2Lou Ann & Mike CorboyMichael McClendon, 3Susan & Vince Bradley Michelle & Richard Anderson5Kevin and Conor Curley Photos: Can Turkyilmaz1 2 34 5connect 202056'