b'hPrecious Matumba AND HER CHILDRENMykidsandIhavebeenblessedwiththemost amazingsupportfromtheDepaulcaseworkersCarlaandGideon.MovingoutofDirectProvision into independent living felt like being thrown into the deep end with no swimming abilities. Without the slightest idea of who and where to turn to, the service I have received from Depaul has been life-saving. From navigating the housing side, support in applying for the right social welfare payments, help in nding a doctor, to help with utilities, I have been guided in a professional and friendly way that has helped us slowly settle into our new home.Precious Matumba, Service User, Cosn NuaThesupportofTheIrelandFundsmeansthatindividualsand families leaving Direct Provision, which is the temporary housing system provided by the Irish government for people seeking asylum, have a continuum of support which eases their transition into local communities across Ireland. This helps them to establish rm roots and paths to more positive futures.connect 202027'