b'COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND The Ireland Funds COVID-19 AS THE WORLD FACES THE UNPRECEDENTED CHALLENGEResponse Fund has identied OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, THE IRELAND FUNDS HASthe following priority areas: COME ALONGSIDE THE ORGANIZATIONS WE SUPPORT WITH AID FOR IMMEDIATE AND LONG-TERM NEEDS. Food & Food DistributionTheCOVID-19pandemicisprovingdevastatingtononprotorganizations across the island of Ireland. The key services they providetoIrelandscommunitieshaveneverbeenmorevital.YetorganizationsarefacinglimitedresourcesandcollapsingDisability Supportfundraising streams as they strive to deliver. For some, this crisis is challenging not only their reach, but their very existence.Domestic & Child Abuse We are very gratefulto The Ireland Funds for helping(Family Support)ussupportthoseinourcommunitythatneedassistance,especially during COVID-19.COPE GalwayElderly ServicesWe are incredibly gratefulto The Ireland Funds for Access to Educationsupporting our work during this particularly challenging time, helping us ensure that our frontline staff can provide essential assisted living services and outreach to people with physicalMental Healthdisabilities.Thank you so much!Irish Wheelchair Association Community Supportconnect 202010'