b'NEWS2020wasadifcultyearaswesaidgoodbyetoseveralBoardDirectorsofTheIrelandFundsAmericaandfriendsofTheIrelandFunds.Weareforever grateful for the contributions they made to the success of The Ireland Funds.Joe Corcoran, a Board Director of The Ireland Funds America passed away in May, 2020. Joe was one of the rst supporters of The Ireland Funds mission in its earliest days. He and the Corcoran family have been actively involved in The Ireland Funds Boston events and generously hosted the annual Irish Night on Cape Cod event at their Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club for many years. JackDunfey,a Board Director of The Ireland Funds America passed away in June, 2020. Jack participated in the brainstorming sessions between co-founders Dan Rooney and Tony OReilly which gave birth to The Ireland Funds. He and his brothersWalter and Bob not only supported the mission of The Ireland Funds in its earliest days butwere recognized as bridge-builders and advocates of cross-community dialogue during the intense days of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.Dan Mulvihillpassed away in July, 2020. Dan was a former Board Director and Life Trustee of The Ireland Funds America and was active with The Ireland Funds on the West Coast. Dan chaired The Ireland Funds San Diego Gala for many years.He and his wife Mary were members of The Ireland Funds WineGeese Society and longtime attendees at our annual Conferences in Ireland, as well as events in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Phoenix. John Hume passed away in August, 2020. John was a dear friend to The Ireland Funds and many of us had the pleasure of meeting him at The Ireland Funds events over the years. As a founding member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party and one of the key players in the Good Friday Agreement, he was often referred to as an architect of peace.In 1998 he was co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize with his political counterpart, David Trimble. His tireless work was marked by The Ireland Funds with the establishment of The John Hume and Thomas P. ONeill Chair in Peace at the University of Ulster. During the dark days of the Troubles, the two men forged a friendship as John made many vis-its to the US to educate US political leaders around the need for a peaceful resolution in Northern Ireland. The Ireland Funds is proud that the Chair now equips a new generation of peacebuilders, worldwide. Denis Healy,a Board Director of The Ireland Funds America passed away in October, 2020. He was instrumental in establishing The Ireland Funds presence in Chicago. Denis and his wife Sondra have been great supporters of The Ireland Funds for decades and over the years attended our annual conferences in Ireland as well as the Chicago Gala.connect 202052'