b'REMOTEGLOBAL 5K#YLGLOBAL5KSAT19 SEPTEMBER 2020ONSATURDAY19SEPTEMBER2020,HUNDREDSOFOUR FRIENDSANDSUPPORTERSRAN,WALKED,HIKED,AND EVEN PADDLED OUR REMOTE GLOBAL 5K TO SUPPORT THE WORK OF THE IRELAND FUNDS.Irish Olympian and Global 5k Ambassador Sonia OSullivan inspired us to run and enjoy the experience no matter where we were around the world. Although everyonetookpartseparately,inaplaceoftheirownchoosing,thesenseBELFASTofcamaraderiewasstrongwitheveryonecomingtogetheronsocialmediaunder#YLGlobal5Ktosharepicturesoftheirroutesandlocallandmarks. Special thanks to our lead sponsor AIB.THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS AROUND THE WORLD FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF THIS GREAT EVENT. AIB The Lansdowne Club AircomFineos Clonakilty Concise Infrastructure An PostFineosConsultingArthur Cox Scentre Group Taste IrelandLifestyle Solutions Glen Dimplex Australia Gym+CoffeeMCG Civil Alexa SpringsBOSTONconnect 202062'