b'What The Ireland Funds support has helped us achieve3 Today the TRY program is working with 25 young men, a3 Finally, we developed Building Community Resilience, which womens group connected with the men and younger childrenbrings together all our strategiesfor tackling anti-social behav-in danger of being drawn into drug dealing.The program is nowior in one program involving communities, senior police, healthcare mainstream funded (though funding is uncertain for 2021) and is beingagencies, youth organizations and local authorities to deliver safety invited to work in two neighborhood communities with street dealersin the south inner city Dublin area using mostly CAN initiatives. We there. It has also played a major role in keeping these vulnerable younghave managed to secure funding from the local authority to lead thispeople and their families safe during COVID-19. program over the coming 18 months.3 The use of social clauses in the childrens hospital project has led to 2,515 weeks of direct new entrant labor being deliveredv seeourselvesassocialinnovatorsandareincluding the creation of 10 apprenticeships and an additionalWe 3,611.5 weeks of laborby workers living in the surrounding com-munitiesall for people who would not have had this opportunityalwayslookingforinvestmentininnovationto otherwise. CAN has chaired the community benet employment andtackle inequalities. We have other ideas about how training subgroup in the hospital that guided this work. One man now working on the construction of the hospital shared, Im a local guy andtodeepentheinterculturalwork,toexpandtheIm part of the new initiative in community benets and I was proud to get the job here. Its great to be working here because its a legacy specializedyouthworkaroundIreland,andtoThough Im a small cog in the wheel its a big legacy for my kidsand my grandkids. promote social clauses more widely. The relation-3 The city council regeneration builds have beneted over 20 ship with The Ireland Funds has been crucial for local peopleincluding some participants in the TRY program. CAN was also able to source funding to research the experience of socialCANinourinnovationwork.Wehadideas,but clauses in Ireland which was launched by the Minister in Government with responsibility for procurement in October 2020. limitedcapacitytodevelopthemuntilthecore 3 TheWelcomeontheMatprojecthasalsogrown with16funding injections from The Ireland Funds whichparticipantsand CAN is developing a cultural integration qualitycame at crucial times.mark for ve of the largest voluntary social housing bodies in Ireland. One neighborhood participant said, the program challenged me about where racism is coming from. I learnt so much about myself and it opened my mind. connect 202025'