b'CANCER FUND FOR CHILDREN AUSTINS STORY COVID-19camejustasAustinwasSometimeswejustdonthavethementalAustin Rothwell (12) was diagnosed withabout to go on his second residential. I really capacity to deal with the other stuff. Cancer acutelymphoblasticleukaemia(ALL)inwondered how Cancer Fund for Children couldFund for Children let our children be children. 2018. He was in intensive care for threecontinue to offer support. Within days a ZoomThey allow our kids to escape for a time and to months and spent a year learning to walkmeeting was set up. I was a little unsure howbe free from treatment and worry. Its a very again. Austin was supported through theAustinwouldrespond,buttwohourslaterspecial gift they give our children.RISE program. heemergedforhisroombeaming.Itotallyunderestimated how important social contact of this kind was to Austin. SpeakingofhisexperiencehismumNicolaHehashadaweeklyZoomchatwith said, I had forgotten what my son was like be- thecharitysCancerSupportSpecialists fore his cancer diagnosis. Being at Cancer Fundeversince.Theyjustunderstandthesekids. for Childrens residential log cabin lit a spark inThey listen and engage with them on a level my boy that I had not seen in a very long time.that mums and dads cannot. As parents weFor the rst time in a long time, I saw Austin asworryaboutcancertreatmentsandsidea 12 year old boy. His shoulders were light, andeffects, about income and the impact of cancer he was actually living and loving life. on our other children. connect 202016'