b'GREAT BRITAINNews Continued.The Ireland Funds Great Britain Leeds Irish CommunitiesuLeeds Irish organizations came together to provide new services, including befriending phone calls and shopping and medication collections, for members in the community who were isolated or in need of food or medication during the pandemic.Under the banner, We are many groups, but we are one community, the initiative brings together Leeds Irish Health & Homes (LIHH), Hugh ONeills Leeds GAA, JFK GAA, Leeds St Benedicts Harps GAA, The Irish Arts Foundation, Leeds Irish Centre, Leeds Irish Golf Society, Helen Rowland Academy of Irish Dancing, Watson McCleave Academy of Irish Dancing, The Leeds St Patricks Day Parade, The Joyce-ODonnell School of Irish Dancing, The Leeds Mayo Association, and Leeds Irish Ladies Golf Society. A community newsletter was printed and distributed to over 1,000 people, a pen pal exchange was established with local schools to combat isolation, and over 230 people received taste of Ireland packs with Irish goods, papers, quizzes to let people know they were not alone and how to keep in touch.The Ireland Funds Great Britain has launched a new initiative to grow the funds directed towards its Annual Grant Round.Following a soft launch in November 2019, the 100 Club aims to recruit 100 members each donating 100 a month over athree-year period. The 100 Club is the perfect entry point forsupporters interested in funding the work of The Ireland Funds Great Britain and directly supporting charities working within the Irish community in Great Britain and across the island of Ireland. 100% of the membership subscription is directed towards IFGBs Annual Grant Round which this year will provide much needed funding to community and cultural organizations in Great Britain and on the island of Ireland struggling in the face The 100 Clubof COVID-19.In addition to meeting the need to grow the Annual Grant Round, membership of the 100 Club offers members new networking opportunities. In February 2020, early members of the 100 Club were thanked with an invitation to a dinner at the Embassy of Ireland in London, hosted by the Ambassador ofIreland to Great Britain, His Excellency Adrian ONeill. When we are able to meet again in person, we hope to providebothopportunitiestomeetsomeofthecharitiessupported by the Grant Round and arrange more events to bring members together. connect 202070'