b'LEITRIM CALLING LEITRIM CALLINGTHE IRELAND FUNDS IS HELPING FIGHTLeitrim Calling is a friendly confidential telephone call support service ELDERLY ISOLATION ACROSS IRELAND,availabletoolderandvulnerablepersonsprimarilyacrosssouthof Co. Leitrim and its borders. Here, Marion Quigley, Co-Founder of Leitrim ONE PHONE CALL AT A TIME. Calling shares how its services change the lives of older people.Our service was set up in 2007 following a review ofThe Power of The Ireland FundsSimplicity is Strengththe 2006 Census \x07gures which cited Leitrim as hav- Small Grants Awarding a high percentage of older people living aloneOurrelationshipwithTheIrelandFundsbeganThe Ireland Funds has assisted us to deliver a service 12.5%whichwashigherthanthethennational around2014whenwemadeanapplicationforawhich not only checks in with people on a daily basis, average of 8.2%. This reality was, in fact, the springSmallGrantAwardtotrainadditionalvolunteersbut the additional training provided to our volunteers boardforourdecisiontoexploreifwecouldininresponsetotheriseinourservice-usernum- allowed us to bring our service to a higher level. It has some way respond to this growing concern of rural bers. Between 2014 to 2018, we have received Smallbeen so heartening to listen to our service-users tell us isolation. This also coincided with a time when manyGrantsof4700supportingusprimarilyaroundwhat our service means to them. young people within the communities had to emigratethe very important work of volunteer management.It is true to say that Leitrim Calling is not only for employment due to the countrys \x07nancial uncer- ThesupportfromTheIrelandFundsfacilitateda calling/talking service, but also equally a listening tainty. In establishing the service of Leitrim Callingustotakeonadditionalvolunteers,providethem service and I believe it is this practice that contrib-we sought to address the loneliness and rural isolationwithtrainingandfurtherupskillingasrequiredinutes to the success of our organization. What matters experienced by older people in Leitrim. speci\x07c areas such as bereavement support and early to our clients matters to us, and we are constantly WiththesupportofourareaHealthService moved and heartened by the trust our service-users dementia support. Our service is always alert to the Executive, we began from very humble beginnings additional needs clients may have and we are veryplace in us. The concept is quite simple, we both talk with7referralsfortheserviceoperatingthen2 cognizant of the importance of early interventions.and listen; in fact, as one Mental Health Professional morningsperweek.Attheendof2019wehadHowever, to provide that early intervention wouldcited at an eventour simplicity is our strength. We appproximately100service-users,operational not have been possible without the grants from Thehave had tremendous success over the years with the MondaytoFriday,allbankholidays,throughall Ireland Funds to support us to, in turn, support ourcaliber of volunteers who support our servicetheir holiday periods and anyone who is alone onvolunteers with additional and vital training. dedication, loyalty and genuine commitment to care Christmas Day receives a call from us.and empathy can never be underestimated.connect 202018'