b'The Future Daisy Lodge in Co. MayoTHE FUTUREWere building our second short break centerThanks to the support of The Ireland Funds Cancerwontstopduringthe Daisy Lodge on the beautiful shores of LoughwehavemadeadifferenceforsomanyCorrib, beside Cong village in Co. Mayo, which coronaviruspandemicandnei- will be situated in an area of outstanding nat- children and families battling cancer. With ural beauty.We are delighted to say with the ther will we. Every day throughout support of Rory McIlroy weve purchased theyour continued support, we can be here for site, received full planning permission, and Ireland one more child is diagnosedcompleted the design stage. children and young people at a time when with cancer and the reality is thatWe have launched our capital campaignthey need us more than ever.to help build Daisy Lodge Co. Mayo. A new currently we can only support onetherapeuticshortbreakcenterwillallow ustoincreasethenumberoffamilieswe in seven families. support from 450 to 1000 a year, helping to ensure no child in Ireland has to face cancer alone.connect 202017'