b'AdditionalCOPEGalway recentlylaunchedNeedstheTIMETOCAREprogramforolder people and is seeking donors to help fundWhat is possible with the costs of communicating this programmore funding? to every older person in Galway city and county.Whileourmealsserviceshavebecome an essential social service inresponding to increasing numbers of older people cocooning, we are15,000 becomingextremelyconcerned about the many social supports andactivitieswhichhavebeensus-pended during the pandemic with consequentimpactsintermsof isolation,loneliness,andgeneral health and wellbeing of many older people in our communities.COPE Galwayis looking for mediumThere are over 4,523 people aged and long term support to help fund the sala- over75livingaloneinGalway ry cost needed to roll out and manage theircityandcounty.Withfurthertelephone befriending program for one year. support COPE Galway could makean immediate difference in the lives of older people who are becoming 40,000/year more and more isolated and lonely.75,000Earlier this year,COPE Galwaywas presented a National Age Friendly Award for their socialenterprise Meals4Health, whichproducesandhomedelivers fresh,nutritiousreadymealstoolderpeople.Additionalfundingwouldhelp COPEGalwayexpandthisservicebe-yond Galway to meet the ever increasing demand for food support for older people. connect 202033'