b'DaisyLodgeisanurturingandrestorativementalhealthandemotionalwell-being. At Cancer Fund for Children, we supportspace that is purpose-built to support fam- Eachyoungpersonsupportedthroughthe childrenandyoungpeople(aged0-24)iliesatthemostvulnerable,difcult,andRISE program benets from a tailored plan whohavebeendiagnosedwithcancer,exhaustingtimeintheirlives.Hospitalsofindividualsupport,groupsupportandtheirsiblingsandalsoyoungpeople help children with their medical needs, butindividualfollowup.OurteamofCancerwhoarestrugglingtocopewiththeir weeks and months as an inpatient can bring a Support Specialists create a safe space for parents cancer. familytobreakingpoint.DaisyLodgeisa young people with cancer to come together wonderfulhavenofpeaceandtranquillity.and talk about their cancer with their peers.Families receive the right level of support to Cancer treatment is frightening, challenging,relax, connect, and meet other families livingWewouldliketotakethisopportunitytosay and isolating and can devastate families emo- through cancer. amassivethankyoutoTheIrelandFunds tionally, physically, and nancially. For a diag- forproviding100,000offundingoverthe nosed child, months of gruelling treatmentThe RISE Program nexttwoyearsfortheRISEProgram.Theand its side effects can impact their mentalWe know that young people diagnosed withIrelandFundsgrantwillenableCancer health, their education, and their friendships. cancer are six times more likely than theirFundforChildrentoprovide80childrenand Thisisalsoanextremelyuncertainpeerstofacementalhealthissueslike youngpeopleimpactedbycancerwithvitaland worrying time for siblings who can feeldepression and anxiety. Some of the issuesemotional support. liketheforgottenchildastheirparents young people have told us they face include focus their attention on their sick sibling. For uncertainty about their future, loss of friend- Eachyoungpersonwillbenetfromamany parents struggling to care for a childship groups, isolation, anxiety, and they canprogramofeightindividualsupportses-with cancer, whilst working and maintainingstruggle with changes in their body image.sionsandthreeresidentialgroupsupporta family routine, a childhood cancer diagno- With the support of The Ireland Funds, thesessions.Participation in the RISE program siscanplaceanenormousstrainontheir RISE programme helps teenagers and youngwillhelpyoungpeoplerebuildtheircon-relationships.Fromthepointofdiagnosispeople tackle these issues head on. dence, improve their emotional wellbeing and our team of Cancer Support Specialists areresilience, and enable them to reect on their here to help, guide and support young people WHAT IS RISE? personal experience of cancer.It will also athome,intheircommunity,andatour TheRISEProgramsupportsyoungpeopleprovide them with the opportunity connect therapeutic short break center, Daisy Lodge.age8-17diagnosedwithcancerandtheir to others going through a similar experience, siblingsandaimstohelpimprovetheir away from the medical environment.Daisy LodgePhoto: Aengus McMahonconnect 202015'