b'It was such a pleasure to meet theGeorgeMooreScholars, theseareIrelandsbrightest and best. I have no doubt every one of them will be successful in their various \x01elds of study. George would have wished for them the happiest of futures. Angela MooreGeorge Moore grew up in Co. Louth, Ireland. GeorgecompletedabachelorandmastersdegreeatUniversityCollege Dublin before emigrating in 1972 to undertake further study atGeorgeWashingtonUniversityinWashingtonD.C.,wherehecompleted an MBA and a DBA. As the son of a shoemaker, George realizedthetransformativeeffecteducationhadonhisownlife. TheexperienceofstudyingabroadcatalyzedGeorgespotential.He went on to become a serial entrepreneur and one of the foundingfathers of the data analytics industry.connect 202051'