b'Sydney Supporters Reception Continued. AUSTRALIA5 67 8Australia Virtual Events 2020As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, The Ireland Funds ChairDonna Campbell . Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as best dressed wereAustralia, like so many others, was signicantly impacted by being unablegenerously supplied by our sponsorsTaste Ireland, HelloDrinksandPJ to hold in-person fundraising events. Together with our dedicated AustralianOBriens . Feeling artsy and inspired, friends and supporters of The Ireland Young Leader committees we adapted and brought many of our supportersFunds Australia created their very own charcoal drawing with an online art together, albeit virtually, and had some fun online. During isolation, we keptworkshop thanks to the guidance and instruction ofMiriam Innes . Hailing everyone t from their living rooms by hosting online bootcamps, thanks to Carolinefrom County Mayo and now based in Brisbane, Miriam Innes is an amazingly McDonaldfromOutright Change Fitness . To keep our minds sharp in talented Irish artist best known for her charcoal drawings and her large-scale lockdown, The Australian Young Leaders hosted two online trivia nights, withcharcoal installations of hyper-realistic sprawling streetscapes.more than 80 teams participating overall. Brain-bending questions were asked to our teams over Zoom from ChairmanYvonne Le Bas , Irish OlympianSonia OSullivan , Irelands Ambassador to Australia H.E.BreandnCaollaiand1Virtual bootcamp2Virtual triviahis wifeCarmel , Consul GeneralOwen Feeneyand Sydney Young Leaders3Virtual art workshop1 2 3connect 202073'