b'Jigsaw COVID-19hasexacerbatedthelong-existingyouthmentalhealthcrisisinIreland. Support is enabling Jigsaw to meet the rising costs of their digitalresources which ensure that any young person, parent or teacher in Ireland can turn to Jigsaw as a resource. To date over 112,000 people have used their online services since the grant was made.Learning Hub LimerickSupportfromTheIrelandFundsCOVID-19ResponseFundishelpingLearning Hub Limerick pivot to deliver its educational and mentorship programs in asecure, child-friendly and safe online environment. Hundreds of families, many deeply disadvantaged, are benetting. Making Connections Support for Making Connections is helping ensure that those most at risk/living alone are supported during the COVID-19 crisis. It has mobilized 100 volunteers to provide shopping, offer emotional support and monitor phone lines for older people in need. Nutritious, hot meals are provided 6x a week for older people and those with underlying health conditions.MyMindMyMindhasalmost2,000clientswhorelyonitsmentalhealthcounseling services. Support is improving and delivering over 9,000 online counseling sessions at a time when face-to-face counseling can no longer be provided. It is anticipated that these improvements will be of great benet even after the pandemic is over. SAFE Ireland Support for SAFE Ireland is providing for the immediate needs of over 300 women and 600 children experiencing domestic violence including food, basic supplies, and accommodation to keep women and children safe in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.Tech2StudentsEducation is not being accessed by many of Irelands most vulnerable anddisadvantagedstudentsduetolackoftechnologyathome.SupportforTech2Studentsa collaboration between Trinity Access Program & Camara Ireland-isprovidingcomputersandsoftwaretoensureallstudentscancontinue their education during these challenging times.To watch video about the impact of The Ireland Funds COVID-19 Response Fund visit:connect 202013'