b'Early Learning Initiative (ELI)SupportforEarlyLearningInitiative(ELI)oftheNationalCollegeofIreland is providing remote home visits, activity packs and materials to 1,000+educationally disadvantaged children and their families to create a positive home learning environment during the COVID-19 crisis.Fighting Words Northern IrelandClosure of schools in Northern Ireland has forced Fighting Words NorthernIrelandtoadaptthedeliveryofallitscreativewritingprograms.Supportisprovidingforstaffmemberswhoaredirectlyhelpingover1,000youngpeople make sense of their experiences of this quarantine through the most compelling and human act of writing stories.FoodCloudFood distribution is facing unprecedented challenges. Support for FoodCloudis helping continue delivery of food to 700+ charity partners across Ireland reaching 250,000 people in need.Good Shepherd Cork Good Shepherd Cork provides emergency shelter and services to families in crisis. Support is helping up to 100 families with safe accommodation, tablets for homeless children to access education, and other emergency supplies.Irish Mens Sheds Association IrishMensShedsAssociationprovidescriticalsocialandsupportiveenvironments. All 450 sheds have now closed following the Governmentsinstructions. Support is ensuring that the program will exist once the pandemic is over and social isolation will not once again become the norm for many users.Irish Wheelchair Association IrishWheelchairAssociationservesover4,000peopleaweek.Essentialservices of food shopping, lling of prescriptions and vital daily care are still beingprovided.SupportispurchasingPersonalProtectiveEquipmenttoensure that frontline staff and medically vulnerable users are protected while stillreceiving vital care.connect 202012'