Fall / Winter 2011

14th October, 2011

Connect Magazine

BeLonG To
The Ireland Funds have provided a grant to assist BeLonG To with their work to combat LGBT bullying, in the hopes that Ireland continues to become a safer and more welcoming place for all young people.
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Cinemagic is a unique award-winning cross-community, international children’s charity that inspires, educates and empowers young people through the medium of film and television. Founded in 1989, Cinemagic has touched the lives of more than 500,000 young people across Ireland.
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Co-operation Ireland
The fear is that we exist in separate societies so Co-operation Ireland is working to ensure we do not settle for separatism or division but seek to integrate communities, particularly in some of our most divided villages, towns and cities in Northern Ireland.
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Irish Georgian Society
In the heart of Dublin is a truly unique example of Irish Georgian architecture: The City Assembly House. Long neglected, it was acquired by the Irish Georgian Society (IGS) and a campaign has been launched to fully restore it by 2016.
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Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Since 1949, the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has worked across the island of Ireland assisting neglected and cruelly-treated animals. Today, they are the leading body in Ireland working to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Ireland’s neediest animals.
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Margaret McLoughlin Art Project
The Margaret McLoughlin Art Project will fund the innovative National Institute of Intellectual Disability (NIID) Expressive Arts Programme which will enable students to engage with art, drama, poetry and film.
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Native Woodland Trust
Native Irish woodlands-places filled with species that are native to Ireland-are in a precarious state and have been so for hundreds of years. The Native Woodland Trust is dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands for the enjoyment of all people.
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University College Dublin O’Brien Centre for Science
As Ireland strengthens its economic status, science and technology will continue to play a vital role in creating jobs, attracting talent, and promoting Irish industry. The University College Dublin O’Brien Centre for Science is the engine room at the heart of the University’s science district.
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