Immediate assistance for refugees


An impactful response to a humanitarian crisis


Strategic services for people in need

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The Ireland Funds Ukrainian Relief Fund
An impactful response to a humanitarian crisis

Immediate assistance for refugees
An impactful response to a humanitarian crisis
Strategic services for people in need

Around 100,000 refugees have arrived in Ireland so far.

The Ireland Funds delivered crucial relief support for Ukrainian refugees in Ireland.

The Ireland Funds Ukrainian Relief Fund supported organizations in Ireland working to ensure:

  • Access to education
  • Resettlement and community integration
  • Accommodation
  • Employment
  • Provision of mental health services

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The Ireland Funds and our network have always stepped up in times of crisis. We wish to thank those generous donors who have enabled this work so far. We invite you to contact us to discuss additional support opportunities.

The Ireland Funds selected seven organization to receive support, based on their ability to deliver an impactful response to the evolving crisis.


DePaul has been working with vulnerable migrant populations in Ireland for over 10 years.

The Ireland Funds Support
Funding from The Ireland Funds is providing essential support, child focused developmental needs and community integration. This will include supporting people with basics such as clothing, toiletries, transport, and resettlement items. Children will be supported through the provision of funding for travel to play groups and any additional developmental item requirements. A more long- term support is the provision of support from a Tenancy Sustainment and Integration worker.

Children’s Rights Alliance (CRA) unites over 100 members working together. They work to change the lives of all children in Ireland by making sure that their rights are respected and protected in its laws, policies, and services.

The Ireland Funds Support
Co-funding from The Ireland Funds is enabling a full-time child refugee coordinator. This position will provide a coordinated, sectoral response with its 140 members and statutory partners to best support Ireland’s response to the arrival of thousands of Ukrainian children to Ireland.

The Irish Refugee Council provides services and support for people seeking protection and people recognized as refugees in Ireland and advocates for humane and dignified protection procedures and response to people fleeing persecution. In less than a month, the Irish Refugee Council have received more than 4,500 telephone calls and 1,000 emails from people trying to leave Ukraine and arrive safely in Ireland.

The Ireland Funds Support
Support from The Ireland Funds is hiring two part-time Ukrainian caseworkers to help refugees arriving from Ukraine. Casework will include integration services (accommodation, education etc). This will include helping people to arrive safely in Ireland, easing the burdens for refugees and families and supporting refugee integration in Ireland.

The ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) provides a range of services directly to children and families and advocates for change to enhance the lives of children in Ireland.

The trauma that these families have and continue to endure will require a full-service response when these children and families are in a place where they can engage fully around their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Ireland Funds Support
Support from The Ireland Funds is translating key sections of their website into Ukrainian to help families access a 24-hour active listening text and chat line; a parents support line, and E-therapeutic supports delivered to children, virtually.

Early Learning Initiative (ELI) at National College of Ireland (NCI) specializes in supporting vulnerable families from ‘cradle to college’ to achieve their education, career, and life goals. At the end of March 2022, more than 1,400 Ukrainian refugees have been formally housed in Dublin’s inner-city at a number of hotels near Connolly and Pearse St train stations, within ELI’s catchment area.

The Ireland Funds Support
Support from The Ireland Funds is providing Home Learning Packs (e.g., arts, crafts, books, toys) to children of various ages living in hotels. It will cover the cost of translation of learning support materials for children, young people, and parents and will assist with the establishment of play groups for toddlers and young children at hotels.

Making Connections is a volunteer led organization providing befriending & wellbeing Supports for people over 65 years. Their mission is to alleviate loneliness and isolation by offering supports that facilitate people to remain healthy and socially connected.

The Ireland Funds Support
Support from The Ireland Funds is contributing towards the new role of lead advocate for older persons including the development of tailored supports for Ukrainian older persons.

MyMind is the first and largest blended model of mental health care in Ireland, working towards giving every person in Ireland equal access to mental health support early, affordably, directly, without stigma or delay.

The Ireland Funds Support
Support from The Ireland Funds is providing professional training to approx. 100 mental health professionals in 2 stages. This is clinical trauma training to deal with the specific needs of those fleeing war.