About The Ireland Funds Singapore

Singapore and Ireland have a long history of cultural ties and close relations since the early 1800s.
The Ireland Funds Singapore is dedicated to using its powerful global and local network to strengthen The Singapore Ireland relationship, by supporting worthy causes which honour the common Asian and Irish values of education, cultural and community relations. As an Institution of Public Character, donations to The Ireland Funds Singapore qualify for a 250% tax credit.

The Ireland Funds Singapore is part of The Ireland Funds. The Ireland Funds is a global philanthropic network established in 1976 to promote and support peace, culture, education and community development throughout the island of Ireland, and Irish-related causes around the world. With chapters in 12 countries, The Ireland Funds has raised over $550 million for deserving causes in Ireland and beyond, benefiting more than 3,000 different organizations.

Your donations are working hard

Since its incorporation in 2009, The Ireland Funds Singapore has met and surpassed its fund raising targets every year, raising more than a total of $3.2 million for charity. Our goal is to distribute ALL contributions every year. Your past donations have funded completed projects, which are now fully operational, and being used every day to improve the lives of young people with special needs and Elder Care.

How we help

Some examples of the practical, results-oriented projects which The Ireland Funds Singapore sponsors, are listed below:

Education – Helping young people with special needs to become independent members of society

  • The Eden School.  The Ireland Funds Singapore paid for a vocational training kitchen for baking, teaching young people with autism a skill for the workplace.
  • The VIVA Foundation.  The Ireland Funds Singapore paid for the establishment of a school at VIVA Hub for children suffering from cancer.
  • Delta Senior School.   The Ireland Funds Singapore funded work-based training facilities in a special needs school that helps one of the neglected communities in Singapore – young adults with mild intellectual disability.
  • Camphill School, Ireland.  The Ireland Funds Singapore facilitated a donation of S$100,000 to Ireland, to assist in the construction
    of a facility for the Camphill project for young adults with mental and physical disabilities.
  • Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) (DSA).   The Ireland Funds Singapore has funded the construction of a new facility for the DSA, a voluntary group which is established to help children born with Down Syndrome and their families. 

Community Relations – Developing the Community

Following on from the highly successful collaboration with the Down Syndrome Association to stage the St Patrick’s Day Parade in 2012, The Ireland Funds Singapore sponsored The Singapore Irish Festival in 2013. In addition to the Buddy Walk, which in turn raised $125,000 for DSA, The Ireland Funds Singapore’s sponsorship facilitated a 3-day festival (the first of its kind) at Boat Quay, showcasing Irish Arts & Culture, and attracting more than 20,000 visitors.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Association. The Ireland Funds Singapore paid for the building of a resource centre.
  • Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing.  The Ireland Funds Singapore funded the door to door care for the elderly.
  • HCA Day Hospice Centre. The Ireland Funds Singapore contributed to the opening of a second Day Hospice Centre in Marsiling
  • Assisi Hospice Palliative Care Training. The Ireland Funds Singapore is financing the training in Ireland of Singaporean nurses in Palliative Care and Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Metta Hospice Care. The Ireland Funds Singapore have sponsored a fully equipped vehicle to enable Metta grant wishes of terminally ill patients whom Metta Hospice Care look after.

Culture – Using music as an instrument of Social Change

  • The Ireland Funds Singapore supported the Irish Chamber Orchestra’s trip to Singapore in June 2010 where they worked with MCYS to promote music as a tool for community engagement.
    As part of The Singapore Irish Festival, members of the Irish Chamber Orchestra were sponsored by The Ireland Funds Singapore in March 2013 to perform and teach at schools throughout Singapore for a week.

Thank you for your continued support of The Ireland Funds Singapore.

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