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The Ireland Funds Japan supports projects in Japan and Ireland


Community Outreach

The 1995 Emerald Ball contributed to the construction of a “green” community centre at Takatori in Kobe, following the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

1996 donations supported refurbishment of the Yamanami Art Workshop in Shiga Prefecture, which helps disabled people within the community and supports itself by recycling projects.

Support has also gone to KIDS, an organization which helps disabled children enjoy a day out at Disneyland.

Asian Womens Shelter (“HELP”) originally set up to help women from other Asian countries living in Japan, and now also providing shelter for women facing domestic violence has received donations.

Recent Japan recipients include Japan Helpline and the Make a Wish Foundation as well as the Franciscan Chapel Centre Outreach Fund (helping expatriates in extreme need in Japan).

Also the Missionaries of Charity – related to Mother Teresa’s organization – which daily feeds between 400 and 600 people homeless people near Ueno in Tokyo.


Noteworthy projects include the cleaning of a beach and coastline in Kamakura (a resort south of Tokyo) and the Global Village Environmental Awareness Programme which supports training in irrigation methods for minority groups in Asia.

Arts & Culture

Irish Network Japan-Hibernian Players Theatre Group is one of the organizations supported.
The Japan Braille Organization is receiving a donation towards the costs of producing books in Braille. Part of the donation will go towards a book by Lefcadio Hearn.


Community Outreach

In 1997 support went to Bannside Children’s Group in Armagh, Northern Ireland, which builds outdoor play facilities for deprived children in an area of high unemployment and political and religious division.
Breakfree, a Dublin-based group which provides holidays for children with special needs, received help.
Fatima Mansions, an Irish charity is also among the recipients.


Conservation and environmental support has gone to The National Trust, which protects Ireland’s architectural heritage; Oidhreacht Chorca Dhuibhne which conserves Ireland’s archaeological heritage, and a volunteer group in Leitrim called Crann, who work with young people to plant broadleaf trees within their communities.

Arts & Culture

The Barnstorm Theatre Company is Ireland’s leading producer of professional theatre for children and young people. Thanks to support in part from The Ireland Funds Japan, the company enjoyed a successful tour of Japan this year, where the company presented “The Elves and the Shoemakers” more >
A grant in Dublin covered publishing costs of an anthology of Irish writing on Lafcadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo), the Irish-born writer who spent most of his life in Japan. His books and stories – beloved by Japanese and foreigners alike – open a window on Japan of 150 years ago. The Asian Gaelic Games received a grant in 2003.

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