Midland Science

Midlands Science (formerly known as Atlantic Corridor) works to progress economic development and education attainment in the Midlands of Ireland. Since 2008, Midlands Science have focused on a work program dealing with STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as this is a key issue for the region’s development. Key projects include the annual Midlands Science Festival, Midlands Science Diaspora, JUMP Maths and a number of activities around science skills development.

This project is a distinct example of Ireland using innovation to deliver cultural programming in a fresh and unique way. And without the help of The Ireland Funds and other stakeholders, it just wouldn’t have happened.

— Jackie Gorman, CEO of Midlands Science

Flagship funding from The Ireland Funds has helped Midlands Science to consolidate and grow their STEM outreach activities and has helped the organization to leverage funding from new sources, further diversifying its funding base.

Midland Science’s key objectives are to:

  • Build public awareness of the importance of science in everyday life.
  • Increase dialogue about science and technology throughout the region.
  • Re-invigorate interest in STEM by presenting high-quality educational and entertaining events.
  • Provide opportunities for direct interaction with real scientists and talented speakers.
  • Encourage younger audiences to partake by working with local schools.
  • Encourage collaboration between like-minded stakeholders to ensure they provide a meaningful event for a large number of people during Science Week.