The Ireland Funds 2016 Flagship Grants

The Ireland Funds Flagship Grant Round identifies organizations that have particular impact in their field and have demonstrated innovation and effectiveness with prior support received. As the 2016 Flagship Grant recipients, the following organizations will receive two years of financial and non-financial support that includes training, advice on fundraising, and opportunities to connect with members of The Ireland Funds network.

The support of The Ireland Funds has enabled WIP to bring together emerging leaders from all communities to reflect on the future they want for Northern Ireland, and to give them the skills to make it happen.

— Bryan Patten, Executive Director of The Washington-Ireland Program

FoodCloud Hubs
FoodCloud Hubs reduces food waste by matching surplus with scarcity. FoodCloud technologies allow retailers to announce to local charities when they have surplus food that can be collected. The FoodCloud hubs are warehouses in Cork, Dublin and Galway, from which non-profits can purchase items with a longer shelf life in bulk. The Ireland Funds have committed €90k over two years to this initiative and will be supporting FoodCloud Hubs to secure more retail partners. These partners will provide additional food for non-profit organisations and help FoodCloud on its path to becoming fully self-sustaining.

Charities Institute Ireland (CII)
Charities Institute Ireland is the new entity formed from the merger of ICTR and Fundraising Ireland. Its aim is to create the conditions for a vibrant, transparent and effective charities sector. The Ireland Funds’ investment will support CII in completing its targeted membership drive, producing current and relevant marketing materials about the sector in Ireland and covering the cost of developing a world-class training program on topics like financial reporting, governance, fundraising and communication. We are proud to support CII with an investment of €78k over two years.

GIY Cottage Markets
Grow it Yourself (GIY) piloted the concept of Cottage Markets in 2015. Cottage Markets provide opportunities for people in both urban and rural communities to trade and socialize; they make a positive contribution to the local economy by supporting micro-enterprises, with community members selling crafts, baked goods, produce and other items. The Ireland Funds have committed €60k over two years to roll out Cottage Markets in small towns and rural villages in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Specialisterne Ireland
Specialisterne Ireland is a social enterprise that works to assess adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with a view to securing employment for those who are work ready. In Ireland, there are over 17,600 adults of working age with ASD, of which 85% are unemployed. More than 60% of these adults have a third-level qualification but need support to obtain and retain employment. The Ireland Funds have committed €78k over two years to ensure that more adults are assessed and more companies are recruited.

Washington Ireland Program (WIP)
The Washington-Ireland Program for Service and Leadership is a six-month program of personal and professional development that brings outstanding university students from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to Washington, DC for summer work placements and leadership training. More than 450 students to date have gained invaluable practical experience by completing internships in US government, media, business and non-profit organizations. The Ireland Funds have committed £60k to allow WIP to expand its service learning program with an additional two weeks in New York. Developing relationships with supporters in the New York area will allow WIP to recruit more candidates with an interest in business, further diversifying its portfolio of participants and extending its impact into other sectors.