Barnardos is Ireland’s largest children’s charity. Since 1962 It has worked with families to assist children of all ages. With a goal of breaking through the cycle of disadvantage, it provides numerous direct services to families including breakfast clubs, early intervention, counseling for children who have witnessed violence, and practical home support.

The Ireland Funds has been a longtime supporter of Barnardos’ key programs and most recently provided a Flagship Grant of €40,000 euros to provide direct support to families experiencing homelessness in North Dublin.

The Ireland Funds’ Flagship Grant has been wonderful for Barnardos. It has made such a substantial difference to the lives of children and their families who are experiencing homelessness. Having this funding available has meant that a number of children were able to continue attending our early years care and education program which meant that their developmental needs continued to be monitored and addressed. It also meant that children living in chaotic home environments experienced safe, familiar and stimulating environments.

— Siobhan Greene, Barnardos Director of Children’s Services

152 Individuals and 62 Families supported

Flagship Grant support from The Ireland Funds (March 2017—December 2018) has been hugely significant for families and has been applied in very practical ways.

• Travel & petrol vouchers to access daily services
• Financial assistance to attend medical care and developmental appointments
• Household items, food vouchers to access healthy meals

Educational Support
• Financial support to access after-school and homework clubs to support education
• Children are able to complete their homework and partake in sports activities

Family Time & Outings
• Cinema vouchers or play centers vouchers
• Trips to the zoo, aquatic center and a farm
• Financial support to facilitate children to attend mid-term and summer camps

Meet some of the North Dublin Children You Have Helped

Aisling – 3-year old girl from a family of seven

Aisling’s family was referred to Barnardos due to domestic violence and addiction. Aisling was then referred by Barnardos for a full developmental assessment which began with the Assessment of Need. Aisling’s overall development is quite delayed, and she needs one-to-one support in Barnardos. Her speech and language have improved during the year she has been attending Barnardos but she still requires a lot of support, especially around her social and emotional development. When families are homeless it is often very difficult for parents to keep appointments in relation to their children.

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Simon – 3-year old boy from a family of four

Simona 3-year old from a family of four Simon’s family became homeless in 2016. His family lived in rental accommodation, but the landlord decided to sell the home. The family was given adequate notice but rental rates in the area had become prohibitively expensive.

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Meet Suzanne Connolly, CEO of Barnardos

Suzanne Connolly was formerly the Director of Children’s Services for Barnardos, a role which she held for 17 years. She became the CEO of Barnardos in late 2018. Connect Magazine sat down with her to learn about how The Ireland Funds is helping Barnardos bring hope to families facing adversity.

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