The Ireland Funds Launches The George Moore Scholars Program

23rd July, 2020 : Boston

One of the pillars of The Ireland Funds’ mission is education. The Ireland Funds invests in high-quality education by supporting programs that widen access and extend a broad range of learning opportunities for students of all ages.

The George Moore Scholars, a program of The Ireland Funds, is an all-Ireland scholarship initiative that supports academically talented students who wish to undertake a Master’s degree in the USA or elsewhere to realize their full career potential. The program will support up to 300 outstanding students to pursue their higher education dream and complete postgraduate study in the period 2020-2030. The scholarships will be high-value, multi-annual awards, depending on the program of study. Students may undertake either research or taught Master’s degrees.

In 2020, after a rigorous application process which included academic review and interview, 17 George Moore Scholars have been selected from across the eleven universities on the island of Ireland. These scholars will be financially supported to undertake their chosen course in the coming academic year.

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